Creating Engaging Digital Experiences forProduct Visualization

AR-powered consumer experience
can do wonders

Augmented Reality Store


of consumers would prefer buying at stores that offer AR experience compared to others that don’t.

Pay More In AR


of online shoppers would be willing to pay more for an item if they could observe it via AR first.

Visual Product Attributes


of consumers prefer AR for experiencing visual product attributes like size, color, and style.

Morton Product Visualization

Easy to create. Easier to experience

We can help you add real life-like experiences in online shopping creating superimposable models of your products.

A Sneak-Peek ofMorton’s Product Visualization Prowess


Source: Google

Technically speaking
– How flexible our AR framework is

Integrate into existing apps

You need not sacrifice the convenience of your existing backend interface. Morton allows brands to bestow AR-powered visualization capabilities into existing apps. Your apps get an additional button which renders the AR experience with just a click. It’s that simple.

Platform-specific SDKs

We have formulated platform-specific augmented reality SDKs to overcome device fragmentations and achieve a uniform AR experience. Be it native or hybrid mobile apps, we can cater for both.

Experience AR as a Service

Having your convenience in mind, we have developed a SaaS model for our AR product visualization service. With a pay-as-you-go model, you can create and manage an exclusive database of your AR products easily.

Manage from our cloud

The easiest way to manage your AR database is to outsource it. We manage your AR database on our cloud infrastructure that has been configured to scale adaptively and render a smooth experience across all apps.