How Augmented Reality can attract millennial buyers

Jun 06, 2018 | Aravindhan Anbalagan - AR app developers, AR app development, AR apps, Augmented Reality

Millennials use their smartphones and rely heavily on technology than older generations. To create an exciting online shopping experience for millennials, you need creative advertising campaigns that can go beyond brand awareness right in their smartphones.

Millennials are mobile-first users and rely on social media

Global web index states that 84% of millennials own smartphones and most of them ore mobile-first users. Whether it is shopping, banking, learning or exercising, smartphones are part of their lifestyle. Millennials spend 18 hours on media out of which 30% is user-generated content. They prefer experiences over products and share them in social media which means your creative efforts could kindle positive experiences in social media.

Millennials seek unique experiences and instant gratification

Millennial’s expectation exists with shopping experiences as well. They want instant gratification and prefer knowing any product information within a few clicks. This is where Augmented Reality can play a pivotal role. Augmented Reality can reduce product returns, increase customer satisfaction, let them decide quickly and order instantly. It creates the much expected ‘wow’ experience right on their smartphone.

Transform your retail business with AR

You can transform your retail business with AR. Nearly 75% of customers prefer AR technology to display products on the retailer’s website. Amazon’s AR view, Apple’s recent announcement of ARKit 2 and Google’s ARCore version 1.2 and Chrome 67 browser with WebXR Device API with support for watching immersive videos, 2D/3D and home shopping, are few examples of how seriously our tech giants are betting on AR technology to help AR app developers for driving their app ecosystem into the future.

AR addresses customer’s pain points

There is a strong logic behind customers demanding AR technology. One, it addresses customer pain points clearly by exploring the product sitting comfortably in their home. For instance, AR digital catalogs provide a ‘try and buy’ solution with the ability to visualize fully-finished product in real life. Secondly, with AI (Artificial Intelligence), customers can place the products (virtually) in their living environment and decide almost instantly whether it’s suitable or not.

AR allows viewing customized products

AR is the right medium to engage millennials because AR apps can run on both smartphones and web browsers. Just like ‘Pokemon Go’ AR game that shook the gaming industry by a storm, AR applications like AR digital catalog can revolutionize online shopping. Besides, customizations help potential buyers to visualize how the end products will look, almost instantly. As millennials love to own products that mirror their unique lifestyle, instant customization options will increase conversion rates.

Now that we have seen what millennials expect from online shopping and how AR can be the pivotal tool in fulfilling their expectation, let’s explore some practical ideas to formulate result-oriented marketing strategies using AR technology.

Begin with AR digital catalog

Provide product visualizations like never before with AR digital catalog. List all your products in online websites with 360-degree and in 3D with AR technology. Implement the products with customizable attributes such as colors, shades, patterns and accessories which will allow the millennials to (virtually) get a picture of their customized products on the smartphone screen. Know more

Implement responsive and interactive designs

The usual way of showing information of the product won’t work with millennials. Add responsive and interactive elements to kindle their interest towards the product, and parallelly, build brand loyalty as well. Rather than focusing on mainstream media, utilize the full potential of social media and be creative instead of trying conventional ways.

Focus on mobile and provide a unified experience across platforms

Millennials use smartphones and therefore, have mobile-oriented strategies. AR can be interesting to experience in large-screen devices like iPads and laptops. So, it is essential to provide a unified experience across these devices.

Make millennials talk about your product

Your social media marketing (SMM) approach should pursue millennials in publishing content about your products on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram rather than publishing them by yourself.


Millennials have different shopping motives than older generation shoppers. With the help of Augmented Reality, social media, and creative strategies, you can pursue them to buy your products and enjoy early-mover advantages. You can make them your brand ambassadors by focusing on mobile-first approach, engaging buyers and using AR in digital catalog.

Hesitant to implement AR strategies? Fret not. At Morton Vision, we create digital experiences with augmented reality that redefines online shopping and social media marketing for the millennials. Let’s get in touch.