Why AR Digital Catalog is the need of the hour?

Benefits of AR in Retail Shopping

Try & Buy

A ‘try and buy’ solution


Digital catalog is easier to carry than physical catalog


77% shoppers want AR to see product differences


AR in ‘How-To’ documents are self-explanatory


AR reduces product returns and exchanges

Product Visualization and Business Monetization

With an AR digital catalog, the customer can directly know how the particular furniture, fully-assembled and finished, would fit and look in the room. If implemented with customizable visual attributes like color choices, AR catalog will help customer decide on their purchase almost instantly.

Augmented Reality
Digital Catalog

Visualize fully-finished product in 3D

Ability to visualize fully-finished product in real life.

Full Inventory

Digital version of your product catalog.

Decision making

Capture videos and pictures with the product in your room.

Place order instantly

Ability to place orders instantly.

Various eCommerce platforms

Compatible with various eCommerce platforms.

Try multiple objects

Customize with your brand and add clickable shopping icons as required.

Augmented Reality

The Next
Big Step

How it works?

Step 1

Upload product catalog in pdf

Step 2

We get inputs on product dimensions

Step 3

Create 3D models for each product

Step 4

Load all the 3D models in AR catalog

In the near

3D models

Provisions for customers to directly upload 3D models in their Augmented Reality digital catalog

living environment

AI algorithm to auto-suggest multiple products by placing them into your living environment

Our Clients

  • MissionTix
  • Sherwin-Williams
  • Smoke Free Homes
  • Mettler Toledo
  • North Country Now
  • Terry Costa
  • FDA
  • One Comm
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  • Outside Television
  • Center For Teching Quality
  • Wallaroo Hats