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Adaptive AR solution that serves ever-growing industries

Stay instinctively ahead of business & end-user expectations. AR can go far beyond just consumer experience and contribute more in terms of simplifying complex business processes and driving workplace collaboration.

Our SolutionsRetail


AR in retail will hit 31.5 million USD by 2025 from 9.5 million USD in 2020. – Statista

Benefit from a multichannel AR approach by providing augmented experiences of your products in both online and offline shopping.

Morton can render augmented versions of your products for sales apps used by showroom executives. Your sales representatives will be able to showcase products in life-like images along with realistic graphics that will extend the possibilities for selling products out of stock.

  • – Omni-channel experience
  • – Improved conversions
  • – Reduced returns
  • – In-store AR experience

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Our SolutionsManufacturers


Augmented Reality is expected to acquire 1 billion users by 2020.

Reduce downtimes and maintenance periods in manufacturing with augmented reality.

Apart from visualizing a prototype in a virtual version, augmented reality can help engineers involved at various levels of manufacturing to identify flaws and detect them easily. With easily accessible AR tutorials, service engineers can view ‘how to’ instructions on-site to perform changes immediately.

  • – Product Visualization
  • – B2B Sales
  • – Faster Prototyping
  • – Marketing

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Our SolutionsEnterprises


64% US consumers believe that AR would improve remote participation in workplace learning and development. – ISACA Survey

Enhance workplace learning, information availability, remote participation and information sharing with Morton AR.

Build a collaborative environment that makes your workflow streamlined. For enterprises of any size, Morton can create, host and render augmented assets across a variety of platforms. You can set accessibility levels for internal and external teams and limit permissions based on user hierarchy as per your convenience.

  • – On Cloud AR assets
  • – Global accessibility
  • – On-demand AR experience
  • – Multiple Mobile Platforms

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